Depco is proud of its large rig fleet:

  • depco-fleet_0007_UDR650
  • depco-fleet_0006_UDR1200
  • depco-fleet_0005_2095x
    VersaDrill 2095x
  • depco-fleet_0004_FS250
    Fraste FS250
  • depco-fleet_0003_FS500
    Fraste FS500
  • depco-fleet_0002_G55
    Soilmec G55
  • depco-fleet_0001_XDR800
    XDR 800 & 1200
  • depco-fleet_0000_440
    Schramm 440 & 660

Support & auxiliary equipment

Our drilling rigs are complimented by a vast array of support equipment and auxiliary services. These include:

  • Custom built support trucks
  • Air packs
  • Rod trailers
  • Hydraulic rod slews
  • Tilt trays and crane trucks.
  • Grouting units
  • Solids control units and mud cleaning systems
  • Pitless drilling technology and mobile mud tanks
  • Mud pumps (duplex and triplex)
  • Test pumping equipment
  • Earthmoving equipment
  • Mobile and semi-permanent crew accommodation

Workshop & Maintenance

At our main depot in Rockhampton we have a full workshop where all rig maintenance and engineering of new gear is carried out. All equipment is owned entirely by the company.