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DEPCO Drilling is able to complete any water drilling project large or small. The water drilling service provided by DEPCO is second to none. When engaging DEPCO you can be assured of a high-quality service, backed up by ongoing support for many years to come.

Water bores are constructed for a wide range of applications, choosing the right water drilling contractor to drill and construct your bore might seem like an easy task at first glance but making the wrong choice can have costly consequences. There are many things you need to consider before you just let a water drilling contractor on to your property.

Do they have the relevant experience?

In all states and territories water bore drillers are required to be licensed, this ensures all water bores are constructed to a minimum standard and should function trouble free for many years.

Drilling a bore, whether an artesian water bore or stock water bore, is not a simple process. Differing geological formations encountered may provide difficulties that even the most experienced driller may find challenging. Decisions made initially can be found to be problematic, but this doesn’t necessarily demonstrate incompetence or malpractice. Water bore drilling is a profession where practical problems require practical solutions and skilled drillers will be able to apply a range of possible solutions to meet a myriad of downhole problems as they occur.

Do they have the right gear?

Despite the best endeavours of a water drilling company, a bore may not produce the quality or quantity of water you require. It may, therefore, be necessary to deepen or enlarge the existing bore. It’s vital you ensure your water drilling contractor has the equipment and resources to offer you options and solutions to ensure the best yield from your bore.

Are they financially stable?

You need to check that any water drilling company you engage can fulfil their contract with you. This will minimise the risk you are being left with a poorly or even half constructed bore that you then must pay another contractor to fix or re-drill. You can investigate things like past job performance, size of their business, their internal business support systems and whether they’ve filed for bankruptcy. If you don’t do this, you take the risk of them not having the ability to produce material, tools and equipment required for the project.

Do they come with additional risks?

A quote and a handshake don’t guarantee a seamless execution of a project. It’s important to know of any additional risks your contractor is bringing to site. During drilling, accidents can happen, it’s vital your contractor of choice has the right standards and procedures in place to ensure a safe work environment.

Are they accountable?

While errors may occur due to ground conditions and unforeseen situations, some may be intentional. Driven by the prospect of making a quick profit, dishonest water drilling companies may try to cut corners by replacing materials with cheaper, lower grade and sometimes second-hand alternatives. If this happens on your bore you may face delays, cost overruns and a souring relationship with the drilling contractor as you try to rectify the problem. Worse the deceit may remain hidden until your bore is commissioned.

The truth of the matter is that selecting the right water bore drilling contractor is complicated, with serious consequences if you get it wrong that can affect the water boring cost. Not only do you need to find the best person for the job at the best price, but you also need to ensure that everything will be delivered on time and that it will be done so safely to reduce the risk to you, your business, and your property.

They may have the resources and support to complete the job as per the plan, it’s when things don’t go to plan (which they often don’t in the drilling industry) that you want to have the reassurance that your water bore drilling contractor is there to complete the job despite the challenges.

DEPCO has been drilling both stock water bores and artesian water bores since 1963. Our highly skilled and licenced drillers are experienced with ground conditions all over Queensland. Our water bore drillers have a combined experience of over 100 years and are supported by our Rockhampton team of Health & Safety, Mechanical, Fabrication and Administration professionals. Our teams and equipment can drill water bore holes from 10m and up to 1600m for artesian water bores in all conditions and areas. The water bore drilling services provided by DEPCO is second to none. When engaging DEPCO you can be assured of a high-quality service from our water bore drillers, backed up by ongoing support for many years to come.

We are equipped to drill bores using all methods of drilling including:

  • Rotary Air
  • Rotary Mud
  • Reverse Circulation Rotatory Mud
  • Auger

By engaging DEPCO Drilling to complete your water drilling project you are benefiting of well over a century of drilling knowledge. Our designated water bore drillers have the expertise, experience and knowhow to complete the job with a high-quality service, backed up by ongoing support for many years to come.

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