Exploration Drilling

DEPCO Drilling has been providing services to the Coal industry since 1968 and has been a market leader for many years. DEPCO has participated in the early exploration and mine development of some of the most significant coal resources on the east coast of Australia. With our proven experience, multipurpose well-maintained rigs and highly skilled professional driller depco offers a service that is second to none.

Depco has a well-established history providing drilling services to the hard rock industry in near mine exploration and remote explorations.

We offer state of the art equipment to ensure the job is done safely, with best possible production.

Depco is fully equipped for;

  • HQ3 to 1800m
  • PQ3 to 1200m
  • RC to 600m
  • 4inch & 8inch conventional coring
  • Large diameter to 1.2m
  • Diamond Coring
  • Directional controlled drilling
  • Mud rotary
  • Core orientations
  • Surveying of boreholes using Gyro Tools and Multi shot.

What our customers say…

Depco have provided professional drilling services to Peabody Energy for over 10 years. During this time have demonstrated a professional, client driven work ethic and have led the industry standard for quality, efficiency and price. Peabody’s Queensland exploration drilling programs conducted by Depco have now achieved 1,000 days LTI free!

Depco have assisted Peabody in delivering on time and cost effective solutions for our exploration program requirements. When we work with Depco we are assured of Safe drilling techniques, high productivity, excellent workshop and administration support allowing for smooth program delivery.

Depco have assisted us on many occasions with work out side of the drilling scope including; transport logistics, camp development, site preparation, track construction, water haulage, development of water points and rehabilitation. Depco’s innovative equipment is first class and their industry knowledge makes them second to none.

Spencer Summers
Exploration Manager
Peabody Energy Australia

I wish to confirm that at all stages of interaction with Depco, Wayne and his staff have been very friendly, always professionally accommodating and professionally competent when providing field exploration based drilling and back-up services.

On the two most recent operations that I managed both to set up and manage on site which included the drilling of a series of deep HQ cored holes to evaluate deep seams within the Moranbah Coal Measures (mid 2015) and to evaluate a High Purity Quartz resource in the Mount Isa region (late 2015), the drilling programs were both completed on time, with satisfactory core recoveries and without safety incident.

Each program was completed with a very competitively cost effective outcome.

Both in terms of professional efficiency, attention to safety, program cost effectiveness and general friendly service, I would be happy to recommend the service Depco provides as an exploration drilling service provider to any of my peers in the mining and exploration industry.

Chris Tedman-Jones
Managing Director
Principal Geologist SSE
Geo Technology Pty Ltd

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